Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year!

Hello all, welcome 2013! What a big year you promise to be.

I hope everyone had a wonderful and safe Christmas and New Year. I am sad to report I found myself back at work today for the first time in 2013...how I wish I could have had some more time off! It is just never long enough.

Christmas and New Years were pretty mellow for Bio Mum and me. We journeyed down to Melbourne the weekend before Christmas to see my family, which was nice. My Mum had a minor medical issue a few days before we flew down so it was nice to see with my own eyes that she is ok. I do love Melbourne, it will always hold a place in my heart no matter where I wander in the world. 

It was also nice to spend time with my sister and her boyfriend. Growing up my sister and I did not always get along, mostly because I was a brat, and now that we are older I consider her one of my dearest friends (even when she is annoying me!) and value her special place in my heart and life. 

While in Melbourne we also scored some wonderful presents! The best by far was this amazing book my sister and Mum got for me. Growing up I loved the Beatrix Potter books (Peter Rabbit, etc) and have a full set of these books as a most cherished possession. For Christmas I was given the most beautiful bound book (with a special box and embroidered cover) of the Complete Beatrix Potter collection. There are only 1000 of these books and I am the proud owner of number 281. When I opened this gift I literally had tears in my eyes. It is just so perfect.

I can't wait to read these stories to Bub.

After our brief visit to Melbourne for a pre-Christmas celebration we came back to Canberra so that I could work on Christmas Eve (not by choice!) and then spent Christmas with Bio Mum's family. Christmas morning was spent unwrapping presents and enjoying a delicious breakfast while loving the excitement that only children can bring to Christmas (Bio Mum's awesome nephews) and then loading up the car and driving to Bio Mum's parent's place for 5 days of rest and relaxation.

Sadly on the way there Bio Mum started feeling sick and by the time we arrived she had full blown Man-flu. Now when Bio Mum gets sick she gets a little...delicate. She is very sooky and oh so cute when she gets like this!

Also, as I have previously talked about, Moo had her surgery just before we flew down to Melbourne (all went well and she is recovering well) so I was now looking after Bio Mum and Moo the dog! Bio Mum just needed a lot of cups of tea and love, while Moo needed lots of confinement, drugs and stern tellings off when she forgot her sore leg and tried to do too much (or she licked at her stitches!).

Moo has now had her stitches out and is on a 4 week course of arthritis injections. She is a very high maintenance dog! We love her though.

So over Christmas we decided to tell Bio Mum's parents and some extended family about our baby making endeavors. They were really excited. We even pulled out the profile of our donor and showed that off to Bio Mum's parents and sister. We decided that we are happy to tell people, but will not be telling anyone when we implant. There will be no disclosure of the pregnancy/implantation until we are past the 12 week mark. I just don't want to have to deal with all the disappointment if it doesn't work, we'll be too busy looking after ourselves.

I can't wait until the moment we get to tell our family and friends that we are pregnant though!

So in my last post I talked about our visit with the lawyer. After that is was really a matter of going off and getting a nice big round of tests done. Both Bio Mum and I had to have blood tests for a range of things (Bio Mum had a few extra tests for genetic diseases), ultrasounds (external and internal) and I was lucky enough to also have to have a test called a Hysterosalpingogram (HSG). This test was all kinds of unpleasant. It was painful and humiliating and I hope I never have to have it again.

Basically the HSG is done between day 7 and 10 of your cycle and is an X-ray of the uterus and fallopian tubes which allows visualization of the inside of the uterus and tubes. The picture will reveal any abnormalities of the uterus as well as tubal problems such as blockage and dilation.

So I took a day off work (best decision I have made to date!) and headed off for my scans. First I had to drink 400ml of water and hold for 2 and 1/2 hours, that doesn't sound too bad until you have to do it. I was sitting in the waiting room glaring at the clock and mentally yelling at the technician who was running a few minutes late and making me sit there with a full bladder!

Finally they got me in there and scanned my uterus and ovaries with the ultrasound, then I was blissfully allowed to empty my bladder. Man that was the most satisfying trip to the toilet ever! Then it was back in there for my internal ultrasound. That wasn't too bad and was over quickly. 

After that I waited a little while and was then taken to a huge X-ray room for my HSG. The ultrasounds had been done is a little, darkened room with only 1 technician. The HSG was done it a big, open and very well lit room with a technician, a nurse and a male doctor. It was really intimidating.

I was put up on the table and left naked from just under my bra down while the male doctor inserted the speculum (probably rougher than I would have liked) and then inserted a catheter into my cervix and injected some dye. I was told I might experience some cramping during this, but my God it was the worst cramping I have ever felt. I had my hands clenched into fists and struggled to control my breathing. It was awful.

After that a series of X-rays were taken and then finally I was done and able to go home. I ended up being super glad I had taken the day off work as I spent the rest of the day curled up on the couch with sever cramps.

So all tests were done, result were in and all looked good! Another step was crossed off in our efforts to make Bub!

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