Wednesday, December 11, 2013

33 Weeks, 3 Days

Wednesday 11 December 2013

My apologies for not posting last week, it was a bit of a crazy I have been really, really tired.

Only 13 days to go until my last day at work (24 December, thankfully only a short day to 3pm)!! I am so ready to be resting at home. I am just so tired and feeling heavy and uncomfortable all the time. I think what I need is some quality time on the couch in front of the air-con! Plus work is really busy so the down time will be great.

Here is the 32 Weeks bump photo:

And here is the 33 Weeks bump photo:

(Moo totally photo bombed this one, see brown blob in the bottom of the photo!)

There is something kind of nice about being unmistakably pregnant, its much better than earlier on when it was hard to tell if I was actually pregnant or just fat!

Lil Dash has been rather enjoying squishing my lungs so breathing continues to be a problem fairly often. She also seems to be pretty partial to being on my right side so my belly often looks a little lopsided. She already seems to be a very strong willed little girl, just like her Mums!

So the weekend before last weekend we headed off to Bio Mum's parent's place for some quality R&R, which was greatly needed! It was a lovely weekend full of good company, good food, good naps and wonderful relaxation! We even ducked into town and did some shopping for Bub and for Christmas presents.

While in town we went to this great lingerie shop and I got myself fitted for a maternity bra (I have been wearing them for quite a while now, just hadn't been fitted). Man has it made a difference to be wearing the proper size bra! Now they are not the most attractive bras, but who cares as long as I'm comfortable!!

We got home from Bio Mum's parent's the afternoon of 1 December so it was time to put up the Christmas tree! Now I LOVE Christmas and would have had that tree up weeks earlier had Bio Mum let me! Here is our tree, its a bit tacky but I love it!

Christmas is the one time of year where I get really, really dorky and traditional. I like everything to be just so and find it really a struggle when Christmas isn't how I feel it should be. I guess I'll always be a kid at heart when it comes to Christmas and I'll always long for the way my Mum always had Christmas. We haven't had a Christmas like we used to in quite a few years.

This year will be my first attempt at creating my own Christmas and traditions that I can share with my baby girl for years to come. As I'm too far along to travel I'll be having Christmas in Canberra and not traveling to Melbourne to see my family as I do each year (last year we went the weekend before Christmas and had Christmas in Canberra and at Bio Mum's parent's place). So Christmas day will start with presents and breakfast at Bio Mum's sister's place, which is awesome because that means we get to see the nephew's open their presents!

Then back home where I'll get cooking! I'm aiming to do a proper, traditional Christmas lunch inspired by the Christmas lunches my Mum always used to make. I'm even hoping to make my great (and possibly another great) grandmother's Christmas pudding if my sister can find me the recipe! The big change will be the 'Turducken' that Bio Mum has asked me to cook. If you don't know a turducken is a turkey stuffed with a duck stuffed with a chicken.

I hope it all goes well.

On Wednesday 4 December we had another appointment with Dr B, which went well. Lil Dash is still doing well and measuring about a week ahead now (much less scary!). She is looking great and Dr B seemed really happy with how both she and I are doing. He did tell me though that he is glad he never has to be pregnant! Nice to know he's sympathetic! 

I'd been getting quite an itchy bump (especially in the warmer weather) so Dr B suggested I try having some Alpha Keri baths. So on my way home from the appointment I swung by the chemist and bought the bath oil (pictured below) and the cream. This stuff is amazing!! The itching is mostly gone and my skin feels awesome! Thank you Dr B!!

My nesting instinct has also started to kick in a bit. I have a desire to do washing, lots of washing, and to organise the nursery. In fact I have packed and repacked the draws of the baby's tallboy several times now. Here is the top draw that sits under the change mat (tallboy has the change table on top of it):

Nappies, wipes, cream all at hand, plus a few other items (the feeding chair is right next to the tallboy so we have some feeding bits and bobs in the draw too).

Here is the next draw down which is full of the newborn clothes we have (all now washed and ready to go!):

I am so in love with these tiny items of clothing and am still a little in shock that our baby is going to soon be wearing them!

I also washed all Lil Dash's wraps/swaddles and towels. Here is the wraps all stacked in the cupboard:

And here are the towels and her basked of bath items (face washers, toys, baby shampoo and wash plus other bits and pieces):

I figure the basket will be easy to just pick up and move to the bathroom when its bath time for Lil Dash!

Wednesday night last week we also went to the movies (to Dendy Premium, so awesome) to see the Hunger Games: Catching Fire. It was so amazing. I had chills and yes I did cry once or twice. Pregnancy hormones I swear! I am a bit of a Hunger Games nerd if truth be told.

This weekend just gone we headed out Saturday morning and did some more Christmas shopping and saw a movie (Delivery Man with Vince Vaughn, very funny and sweet). It was nice until the shops got really crowded, then it was less fun! We did get a lot done though.

Sunday I had to go into work (overtime, 6 hours at double time so not really going to complain!) as we are very busy in the lead up to Christmas. I also want to get as much done before I go off on mat leave as I can so I'm not leaving too much for my team to pick up (we are understaffed and the workload just keeps increasing). It was a very productive day and lots was accomplished so I was happy with that. I was tired afterwards though!

Sunday night we had our friend and his daughters over for dinner which was lovely. They are such awesome people and I always have a great time with them. The girls are so great...I think we might have some babysitting candidates!

This week has been busy, but going fast so that's good. Dinner with friends tomorrow night, so that will be nice.

Appointment with Dr B next week so I'll aim to update then.

Here is a photo of Moo this morning enjoying some sun in the doorway to Bio Mum's study:

From Moo, Lil Dash, Bio Mum and I, thanks for reading and I'll be writing again soon!

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