Thursday, November 28, 2013

31 Weeks, 4 Days

Friday 29 November 2013

Here is the 31 Weeks bump photo:

Feeling pretty big now, slightly scared of how much bigger I might get in the next two months (yesterday was two months until Lil Dash's due date!). By the way, my waddle puts ducks to shame!

I am loving watching my belly, its better than television! I can sit for ages just watching my belly move as Lil Dash wriggles around in there, it's so amazing to think that is my little girl moving around and growing big and strong ready to meet us soon (but not too soon!).

According to this is where Lil Dash will be approximately at this week:

  • Baby is getting longer with each passing day and is around 46cm this week (only 7 cm less than the average length of a baby born at term). Baby is gaining more weight now that it is increasing in length.
  • Baby us spending long periods in REM sleep.
  • There is more brain and complex nerve activity this week. The connections or synapses in Baby's brain are forming by the millions and are helped by the stimulation they receive in their insulated little world. Parent's voices, household noises, filtered light, movement and music will help these vital connections form.

So over the weekend I disgraced myself a bit. In my last post I mentioned that Bio Mum and I had a day of shopping planned for Saturday including a morning at the Baby Market to snap up some bargains. The day did not quite go as planned...

Up Saturday and had some breakfast, my cereal and then a microwave banana and chocolate pudding (not sure why I thought that was a good idea), then got ready and headed off a bit before 10am. On the way I started to feel really sick and like I was going to pass out so I reclined the seat, put my feet up on the dashboard and Bio Mum turned the cold air on me. After a few minutes I started feeling better so sat up and had some water. All was good. Then about 10 minutes later I started feeling the same again, so up went my feet and on came the cold air. I wasn't feeling any better and then (not long after we turned onto one of the busiest streets) I suddenly felt the urge to vomit (for a brief moment there I wasn't sure which end was about to explode, not good) and dropped my legs to the floor before proceeding to vomit all over myself and the car (we were in Bio Mum's ute, oopsy!).

Bio Mum very quickly pulled off the road into a car park where we used whatever we could find (including our socks) to clean up as best we could. I also (with no shame or care that people on the main road could most likely see me) stripped down to my bra and undies as everything else was covered in vomit. Bio Mum gave me her hoody and I put my jacket over my legs to give me some modesty. Bio Mum loaded a shopping bag full of the vomit covered things and chucked them in the back of the ute and then we headed home.

I felt just terrible (not to mention really unwell) and kept apologising. Poor Bio Mum really wasn't having the best of mornings! She promptly threw out the remaining banana and chocolate puddings when we got home!

We got home and I headed inside to put all the clothes and stuff in the wash before having a shower myself while Bio Mum cleaned the ute. After that I felt ok. I wasn't 100% for the rest of the weekend but I was ok. I was well enough that on Saturday afternoon we headed out to spend some serious money at Baby Bunting and then found the mother of all chairs for the nursery at the Homemaker Hub (more on that later).

First Baby Bunting! We didn't quite get all the remaining items we needed, but we sure got the remaining big ticket items. First and foremost was our pram and infant carrier/capsule. We ended up getting the pram we wanted (although not in the colour Bio Mum wanted as they were sold out) which was the Steelcraft Strider Compact. Here is our Pram:

(Oh and that little toilet in the background is Moo's water bowl).
In addition to the pram we also bought our baby monitor, electric breast pump, digital baby thermometer (which Bio Mum tested out on me over the weekend to make sure I wasn't running a fever, works well), cradle mattress, change table mat, cot mattress protectors, change table mat covers, inserts for our nappy bin, baby nail clippers and a few other bits and pieces.

After that is was off to Harvey Norman first (to be terrified by the prices and for Bio Mum to be distracted by home theatre seating) then across the road to the Homemaker Hub where we found a chair that has stolen both our hearts. It is a beautiful soft leather La-Z-boy rocker recliner in a chocolate brown. It is like sitting on a cloud...made of really comfy leather! It fits beautifully into the nursery and will make feeding much more comfortable, hell I may even nap in there from now on! Here is our chair:

Chair was supposed to be delivered Tuesday, but a happy accident had it at our place on Monday night instead. 

Saturday evening my Dad came into town for work so Sunday night we caught up with him for dinner, which was just lovely. It's been too long since I last saw him! It was really nice to catch up, phone calls just aren't the same. 

Sunday Bio Mum got to work putting up some gorgeous decals in Bub's nursery. I really love them and especially love that I didn't have to put them up as it looked a lot harder than I thought it would be! Here are the decals:

Monday night was a good one because not only did Chair arrive, but a lovely present from friends, Sue and Dennis, arrived too. Here are the amazing presents:

The book is especially awesome as the dog's name is Smudge (which is Moo's real name), also love the blanket...actually I love it all!

Monday night I started organising the nursery, still a bit to go, but it feels good to be getting all the practicalities sorted out before Lil Dash arrives. Tuesday night the nesting kicked into overdrive a bit and I spent quite a while sorting baby clothes and washing baby bedding, face washers, wraps and clothes. I also spent a while snuggled up in Chair, I love Chair.

Wednesday I headed out on my lunch break and did some more baby shopping, we are almost done now! Only a few items left on the list!! Now I have more things to organise and wash. This nesting thing is pretty handy!

Wednesday night my Dad came over for dinner and met Bio Mum's parents. It was a really lovely night and I'm glad they got to meet. Dinner and dessert were also very good!

All booked in to have our car seat/capsule fitted into my car on 14 December. It's great, Kidsafe will professionally fit it for $25, which is a small price to pay for piece of mind! They were even able to fit me in on a Saturday, which is ace.

Today we are off to Bio Mum's folk's place for a weekend of R&R, which I think is greatly needed. I find that when I'm at home I have trouble fully relaxing because my mind keeps running to all the things I could/should be doing instead of sitting on the couch! It should be a great weekend. I do have my fingers crossed for no car sickness on the way (we will be taking loads of plastic bags and supplies to clean up should I disgrace myself again!

Oh and this morning I was going through some of Lil Dash's new clothes and Bio Mum snapped this photo, how precious is the little singlet (which will fit her for about 5 minutes)?!

Oh and last week I couldn't help myself and I had to buy this for our little girl:

I know I have been very anti-pink, but it was just so cute that I had too! All little girls need a pony! For those who don't know, I used to have horses and still love them very much (I'd love to get back into horse riding down the track) so I wanted to share my love of horses with my girl!

Next week we have another appointment with Dr B so will make sure to update again after that.

Until next time, have a wonderful week!

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