Thursday, November 7, 2013

28 Weeks, 4 Days

Friday 8 November 2013

Big week this week, lots of exciting times! But let's start with the 28 Weeks bump photo:

The nursery is also coming along with the addition of curtains and shelves. Now let me tell you getting the curtains was almost more trouble than it was worth. First we found some roman blinds we loved, only to be quote about $800 for them. That is almost the same as the pram we want so there was no way we were spending that much money on curtains (that to be quite honest will probably get trashed by both baby and the dog). Then after looking for a while we found a website that had some ready made curtains we liked. We ordered some samples on the Monday, they arrived on the Wednesday and from those we picked a curtain we really liked. We went online that night to order them only to find they were no longer on the website. So on Thursday I sent them an email and Bio Mum called them (neither of us knew the other was doing anything) and found out the curtains has been discontinued!

We were not overly impressed to say the least. On Friday last week Bio Mum had the day off so she headed off to Lincraft where she found curtains that were just right for what we wanted and were in such a pretty colour. They were also only $115 (not a bad saving). The are just lovely, the fabric almost reminds me of ball gown material. Bio Mum did a great job hanging them (even ironing the curtains so they fell better and looked prettier). Here is the nursery now (obviously the bassinet/cradle will not be smack bang in the middle of the floor, that's just where is lives right now):

I've also started buying a baby necessity item each time I go to the shops (as I have seen this recommended on many a forum and in many a pregnancy book). So far we have some fragrance free, extra sensitive wipes (about 240 of them), some nappy rubbish bags, maternity pads (for me obviously) and nursing/breast pads (also for me). I figure it can't hurt to start getting prepared with the things we can, then we can panic later about anything we haven't been able to get or forgot to get.

The weekend was spent at Bio Mum's parent's place in the Snowy Mountains to celebrate the 60th birthday of a friend of the family. It was a lovely, relaxing weekend and it was really a shame to have to come back home on Sunday! Moo also had a ball (Bio Mum let her chase Kangaroos and go swimming in a dam on the golf course, she was one VERY happy dog) and I think would quite happily stay there forever (so would we all). I can't wait to go back! 

While we were there we scored some beautiful knitted toys, booties and a cardigan from Bio Mum's Mum, we also got some really cute grow suits that will come in very handy. Here are some photos of the knitting:

Tuesday night was a big one, we got to go have our 3D scan of Lil Dash (which was an amazing gift from Bio Mum's parents for our birthdays) and wow is she amazing. I love her so much my heart aches. At first she was so curled up we couldn't see her face, but after some quick movements from me (on the sonographer's advice) we got to see her beautiful little face. She was still curled up with her feet up by her face (I wish I was that flexible!) and her little hands tucked behind her head. She looked very content in there.

She is just incredible and I can't wait to hold her in my arms. Here is a 3D scan photo of our little girl (yes she appears to be trying to put her toe in her mouth):

 Already I can see similarities between our girl and Bio Mum. They even make the same expressions! I can't wait to see how strong the resemblance is once Bub is born. I am totally besotted with this little girl already.

Yesterday we headed off for our first ante natal class at the hospital in which we'll be giving birth. It was an interesting and eye opening class and I really liked the midwife who lead it. In fact I am now aiming for Lil Dash to be born on a Thursday as that is when teacher midwife works at the hospital!

So Bio Mum and I were the only same sex couple in the class, which stupidly put me on the defensive a bit. People seemed nice enough, I guess I just got nervous that we would be judged. It was a stupid assumption I know. Next class I'll be more open and less worried about what others might think (when in fact I'm sure they were more concerned with thinking about birth than the two lesbians in the front row).

The class itself was really good. It was really informative and I feel a little more prepared now. There is a lot to think about really, from things like the stages of labour to pain management/relief. I am still pretty keen on an epidural, but also starting to think maybe I'll hold off on it and try to have an active/mobile labour until the pain starts really kicking my butt and then I want that epidural!

There is just so much to think about when it comes to labour and birth! More than I think I realised. I made a start on a birth plan (with the understanding that plans change and how I feel may change) and have a few ideas about what I would like to happen. Here they are:

1) I would like baby to be placed on my chest, skin to skin, as soon as she is born and would like to try to breastfeed right away.
2) If baby has to be taken away I would like Bio Mum to go with her so she has one of us at all times.
3) I would prefer as few people in the delivery room as possible, just necessary staff and Bio Mum (God help her if she tries to leave me in there without her, kidding....maybe).
4) I am not keen on medication for pain relief other than the epidural. I may change my mind when I'm in there, but right now I am not to keen.
5) I would like to be as active as I can in early labour to help it along, but when the time is right and I ask for that epidural I don't want anyone asking if I'm sure...just put the damn thing in already! 
6) I think I'd prefer to labour in one of those sexy hospital gowns to save my own clothing getting yucky, plus I figure it would be easy to get out of the way for the skin to skin contact.
7) I would like some photos taken during labour and birth, but nothing too gory or of me flashing my bits. Some things are best kept private! I really want a photo taken of the three of us together after Lil Dash is born, can I let them bring in a student on the condition that said student takes some photos? I say fairs fair, they want to learn by looking at my bits and seeing my baby born, then they can snap a few photos!

I'm sure more will come to me as I think about it some more and have the next two ante natal classes.

So baby shower tomorrow and on last count we have about 90 odd people who have said they are coming. I never knew that many people actually liked us! In all seriousness I am blown away by the love and support we have been shown by the amazing people in our lives. 

There is much to do between now and tomorrow though and not nearly enough time to get it all done. Bio Mum and I are both leaving work early today and meeting at Costco for some major shopping. I love Costco, just FYI. Bio Mum does get a little freaked out by the crowds though so hopefully be going earlier in the afternoon we will encounter less people!

Then tonight we are out for our friend Kel's birthday, which will be fun. Pancake Parlour  here we come!

I will be sure to post again next week with photos from the baby shower! 

Oh and before I go here is a photo of my lovely little hydrangea, still growing strong and even flowering!

 Have a wonderful weekend and I will be writing soon! Lil Dash says hey (she kicked it out in Morse code, she's already a genius...I may of course be kidding)!

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