Friday, January 3, 2014

36 Weeks, 5 Days

Saturday 4 January 2014

Happy New Year everyone!! Welcome to my first post of 2014.

2014 promises to be a huge and amazing year for Bio Mum and I and we are looking forward to sharing the challenges and joys with you via this blog. I also hope you all have a truly incredible 2014 which brings you love, laughter and happiness.

Today is Moo's 10th Birthday so she has been well and truly spoiled rotten with treats, cuddles and love. She is such a sweet natured and beautiful dog, you can't help but love her. She and Bio Mum are very alike in a lot of ways, they are soul-mates I think. Here is Miss Moo sleeping in the garden:

We are at 36, almost 37, weeks now. It is both scary and amazing how fast time is flying! Here is the bump at 36 weeks, 3 days:

In other news Bio Mum and I got a very special new years present. On New Years Eve we picked up our new car! We traded in the Ute and got a 2010 Subaru Outback (3.6R Premium) in satin white. The car is lovely. It is comfortable to sit in (very important for me right now) and beautiful to drive. It is going to make a fabulous family car when Bub arrives. Here is Outback Jack (as the car has been named, I like naming cars):

We had a very quite New Years Eve, which was heavenly. We went to a friend's BBQ and were home by about 10-10.30pm and in bed by about 11.30 I think. It was wonderful.

On Thursday we had an appointment with Dr B and he was happy with how Bub and I are doing. He has suggested an eviction date for Bub due to her size so if she hasn't come naturally herself, we'll be induced on 20 January. While I really want her to come naturally on her own, part of me is very relieved that we have an end date in sight. While I have (for the most part) enjoyed being pregnant, it has had its struggles. Especially in the last 6 or so weeks as I have grown bigger and much more uncomfortable.

My back has become a problem with almost constant pain and right sciatic nerve pain that has been bad enough to wake me up. I've also been experiencing pelvic pain that makes walking really hard, sore finger joints, sore feet and legs. I'm not sleeping well and have had a fair amount of nausea. Even the simplest tasks are a challenge now. I have a new found respect for pregnant women and feel guilty for all the times I have been less than sympathetic towards them. This pregnancy stuff is hard work, harder than I thought it would be (and I've had a relatively easy pregnancy).

It's all just such a huge physical and emotional change in what is really not a very long time. At least the end result is worth it! I can't wait to hold our little girl in my arms.

We have another appointment with Dr B next week and I have acupuncture. We'll be having weekly appointments with Dr B from now on as go time draws close. It is surreal to think that in just over 2 weeks Bub will be here!

Oh and from Tuesday to Saturday next week my sister will be here so that will be nice. It will be great to have some company during the day while Bio Mum is at work. Plus maybe I can convince her to wait on me hand and foot while she's here! It's going to be great.

Anyway, until next time have a wonderful week and stay safe.

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