Friday, January 17, 2014

Week 38, Day 4

Friday 18 January 2014

Here is the 37 week bump (taken at week 37, day 6):

Here is the 38 week bump (taken at week 38, day 4):

The count down to Bub's eviction has well and truly begun! It is amazing to think that we will be meeting her in just a few days. I can't wait to hold her in my arms and to see Bio Mum holding her. Part of me almost doesn't believe that we are really going to meet our little girl so soon, the other part of me feels like we have been waiting forever.

The hospital bags are packed and ready to go, car seat is fitted in one car (second base has been bought to be fitted in the new car), Nursery is ready, clothing and bedding are all washed and we've had our last ante-natal appointment. I don't think we could be any more prepared at this stage.  I've even collected all the paper work we need and packed that. I feel very organised and prepared, but am sure that I will have forgotten something.

A few weeks ago I went to a breastfeeding workshop and one of their suggestions was from 36 weeks we should start hand expressing and freezing some colostrum to take with us to hospital, just in case I am unable to feed Bub. So we started expressing and on the first go managed to get 1ml (over the course of a day). A week and a bit later we managed to fill a 5ml syringe! I was pretty proud of that effort. Since then we have also filled three 3ml syringes, giving us a grand total of 15mls of colostrum to take to the hospital with us. The hand expressing has also helped increase the flow, which is great. Pretty happy with this outcome, here is some of the colostrum in the freezer:

Last week I had an acupuncture appointment, which didn't really go according to plan. We were due to start the pre-birth/induction points which are quite a bit stronger than the points I have been having. The second the last needle was put in I started feeling really hot, sick and dizzy. Poor Susie, my acupuncturist, had to very quickly get the needles out and get me on my side before I fainted. Thankfully she moved fast and after a ten minute rest in a dark room with a cold towel on the back of my neck I felt fine. They very kindly did not charge me for that appointment. I was supposed to go back this week, but was feeling unwell and figured no good was going to come from putting myself through that again. I am so grateful to the team at the clinic for all their help and support both leading up to this pregnancy and during.

On Tuesday last week my sister flew into town to spend some time with me while I was home alone on maternity leave, flying home to Melbourne on Saturday. It was lovely to have her here. We had a very chilled/relaxing week, which was exactly what I needed. I have been in a bit of pain and discomfort so wasn't really up for much. It also worked out well as Bio Mum was unable to make it to our OB appointment with Dr B on 9 January, so my sister came with me. I think it was pretty special for her too, because she got to see Bub and hear her little heart beating. I'm glad I got to share that with my sister.

The appointment went well, Dr B was happy with how me and Bub are doing. He also confirmed that Bub is still measuring large (she measured 40 weeks at our appointment, we were 37 weeks and 3 days). He also explained in more detail about our induction and how that will go. So we check into the hospital at 8pm on Monday 20 January and then Bub's heart rate will be monitored for a while to make sure everything is still going well. Then at 10pm the prostin gel will be put in and we'll see what happens from there. Hopefully that will get things moving and labour will start overnight. If not Dr B will come and check on me the next morning and we'll go from there. If all goes to plan Lil Dash will be sharing a birthday with her cousin Josh.

We had another appointment with Dr B this week (our last) on 15 January, which was also my sister's birthday! This appointment also went well, Bub and I are still both in good health and she has even started to drop into my pelvis a bit. Dr B was happy with how everything's going and we went over the induction plan again.

I have been experiencing a fair amount of nausea, insomnia (at night only, I seem to be able to have little naps during the day), back and sciatic pain the last couple of weeks. Dr B says all this is very normal. It has also been disgustingly hot lately, which hasn't helped with the nausea I think. Normally I hate heat, but it is much more unbearable while pregnant! If we decide to go for baby number two, we are aiming for a winter baby!

Oh and I couldn't help myself and had to buy these for Bub:

I have quite a collection of Converses myself so felt it was only fitting that Bub have a pair too! Plus they were too cute to resist!

It's almost time for us to meet our baby girl and until then I am planning to rest and relax as much as possible. Our lives are really about to change and to be honest I can't wait!

I'm not 100% sure when my next post will be, hopefully next week after Bub has arrived. I do promise to post though.

Thanks to everyone who has been reading!

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