Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Week 11, Day 2

Wednesday 10 July 2013

Bio Mum gave me a cold and then left me to go interstate for work for four days! That's kind of mean right? Joking, well about the mean part because she absolutely made me sick and then left me on my lonesome. It's only been a day and I miss her like crazy. I am kind of needy at the moment, damn hormones! Poor Moo is having to deal with my need for company until Bio Mum returns on Friday.

The cold hasn't been too bad, the sore throat has been the killer especially seeing as I can't take anything other than panadol. I'm also exhausted at the moment and all I really want to do is lie in bed or on the couch and watch DVDs and nap. Sadly work gets in the way of that. Damn work!

On the morning sickness front I am feeling a bit better (thank god!). I am still not back to normal, but I am eating and generally not feeling like throwing up all day. I still find I need to eat very regularly to keep the sickness at bay, but its better than it was. It tends to get worse in the evenings, maybe because I'm tired. Dr B halved my dosage of Zofran and so far that has been ok. Today is a bit of a test. I took my half a wafer this morning and usually I take the other half 12 hours later, but today I am meeting a friend for dinner right after work so won't be able to take the wafer until later after I get home. We'll see how that goes.

Looking forward to dinner tonight with my friend Erina. It will be nice to catch up, I have been a little reclusive due to feeling like shit run over twice for the last 2 months. 

We have our 12 week scan on Saturday, which is both nerve-racking and exciting. Following the scan I'll get my bloods done and then soon we'll know our risk of any issues with Little Dash. I have a feeling that everything is ok, but I'll feel a lot better once we get the results. I am looking forward to seeing Little Dash again and hearing the heart beat for the first time...I might cry. 

I can't believe we hit 12 weeks on Monday, it is surreal to be here. I remember when I was 5 weeks and the morning sickness was really starting to kick me in the arse it seemed like we would never get out of the first trimester and now we're almost there! Little Dash is becoming so real to me, I can't wait to see out Bub again this weekend!

I'll be sure to update with how the scan went and any ultrasound pics we get!

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