Saturday, July 27, 2013

13 Weeks 6 Days!!

Sunday 28 July 2013

Tomorrow we hit 14 weeks and wow what an amazing, tumultuous, stressful, exciting, nauseating time it has been! The last 3 and a bit months have been a roller coaster of morning sickness, keeping this big news secret and worry about Bub. It has been intense to say the least.

The last couple of weeks  have been pretty special for Bio Mum and I. On Saturday 13 July 2013, we went to have our 12 week scan (at 11 weeks, 5 days) and bloods taken for the screening. It was certainly a day full of excitement and nerves (oh and a very full bladder for me). The ultrasound tech was lovely, which was a big plus. I wouldn't want someone we weren't comfortable with in the room with us during such an intimate and special moment.

Let me tell you that our Little Dash is one cheeky little monkey! Lil Dash was wriggling around and not moving into position for the tech. At one point Lil Dash had both hands in front of his/her little face which I think was either 'jazz hands' or the little one saying 'please stop taking pictures of me'. Either way is was heartbreakingly cute. Here's a scan picture of 'jazz hands' or 'spirit fingers'

Bub even rolled over at one point so their back was facing the ultrasound wand. Lil Dash is very like both Mummies, neither of which like having their photo taken at all! Here is a scan picture of cheeky little Dash's protest as having their photo taken

And here is a pic of Lil Dash's face. A face we are already besotted with

So the scan was amazing. We got to spend quite a long time watching our little one moving around in there, we also got to see and hear their little heart beating away like crazy. The tech was great and very reassuring that everything looked normal and as it should.

After the scan I was blissfully allowed to go empty my bladder (it was getting kind of desperate there for a while) and then after some questions off we went to get some of my blood taken. With that done it was time to wait for the result of the screening. We were told we could expect results within 4 or 5 days...9 very stressful days later we finally got the results. Thankfully all is very well with Lil Dash. The odds of Lil Dash having any chromosomal issues are very slim, slim enough to even ease Bio Mum's mind!

As for me, it may sound ridiculous but I just had this feeling all along that Lil Dash was fine. I just knew that our baby was great and that there was nothing to worry about. I have no idea how I knew, I just knew.

We also told Bio Mum's parent's, which was great. They were thrilled and it was so nice to have it out in the open. It's been so hard keeping it a secret!! This is the biggest event in our lives and it has been such a challenge to keep it to ourselves! Well mostly to ourselves, we did tell a few people along the way!

The reactions we have received have been wonderful. People have been so excited for us and now that its out in the open it feels so very real, not that it didn't before, but now its different. Its not just us anymore, this is something our friends and family are sharing with us now and that makes it even more precious!

I want to send out thanks to the wonderful people who are supporting us and sharing our journey. We are so grateful to you all and are so blessed to have you, just like Lil Dash will be lucky to have you too.

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