Tuesday, August 27, 2013

18 Weeks, 2 Days

Well it has been quite a while since my last post, that is very neglectful of me. So much has happened in the last few weeks and I will do my best to update this with all the goings on and such.

Currently we are at 18 weeks and doing well. Lil Dash is still growing away in there and I even have a small bump now (although it really does just look like I'm getting fat, still not very pregnant looking). Here is the bump from 19 August (so 17 weeks)

I'll aim to get some more recent photos once there is actually something to see!

So a few weeks ago we got some bad news about my mother. This is one of the reasons for my lack of blogging, that and exhaustion. On 5 August my sister called me to tell me that Mum has been diagnosed with cancer. It is quite advanced, inoperable cancer in her lungs, bones and breasts. Unsurprisingly this news was quite a shock. I remember how I felt when I found out she has Alzheimer's Disease, this was even more devastating. 

I felt (and still feel) angry. It's like the Alzheimer's robbed us of who our mother was and now cancer is robbing us of time with her. It seems so unfair that Mum should be lumped with so much. 

The decision has been made to not treat the cancer and to not tell Mum about it. At the moment she is completely asymptomatic and in no pain, thankfully. We feel that the distress that this information will cause Mum is not worth the possible benefits of telling her. 

I have to admit that one of the first thoughts that slammed into my head on hearing the news was what if Mum isn't alive when Lil Dash is born? What if my mother never gets to meet her first grandchild? That is about the most heartbreaking thing imaginable. It is making me cry just to think about it. 

Onto something else. On 7 August 2013 we had an appointment with our OB, Dr B, which was quite frustrating through no fault of Dr B's. We went in to see Dr B and he started talking to us about the results of our 12 week screening. Bio Mum instantly picked up on the fact that there was an error, and that despite being told countless times, the doctor at the imaging place had calculated our potential risks based on my age, not Bio Mum's. As Lil Dash and I share no genetic material at all, using my age (which is 8 years younger than Bio Mum's) is not only incorrect, but a waste of time.

Dr B immediately got on the phone to the imaging place to get a revised report. Dr B was almost as angry as we were! We were told they would recalculate and then send though a revised report within 10 minutes, 35 minutes late we finally got the report back. Thankfully all the numbers were still within a good range, but they had certainly changed when compared with the numbers from the calculations made using my age. It was a stressful wait for those revised results, let me tell you!

During our appointment, Dr B did a quick ultrasound and Lil Dash was looking very happy in there. Dr B tried to see Bub's gender, but Lil Dash has other ideas. Hopefully at our next appointment on 4 September we'll get to find out! I can't wait. I still think Lil Dash is a girl, but either way I'm going to be happy. I just want to meet our little one. 

Almost half way now and time is flying. Before we know it Lil Dash is going to be entering the world and changing our lives forever. 

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