Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Moo's trip to the Vet

Today I am home sick from work and have also had to take Moo to the vet. Our beautiful big girl was unable to put weight on one of her legs last night and the earliest we could get her into the vet was this morning. Watching her struggle to hobble around was really upsetting, the worst part being there was nothing we could do. I guess that's much like when your child is sick isn't it? There is only so much you can actually do.

This morning I loaded her into the car (having to lift her into the backseat which is not so easy given that she is in excess of 40kg) and drove her to our vet. She was a gem the whole way there and an angel in reception area while we waited for our vet. Even when a grumpy black staffy was barking and whining at her, Moo just lay quietly at my feet (well actually on my feet). She is such a good girl.

After a short wait we went in and saw our vet. Moo dragged me straight over to the work experience girl so she could get pats, ignoring the vet until he started feeling around her sore leg. Most other dogs would have growled or snapped at someone manipulating their sore leg, but not Moo. She just looked up at me with the saddest brown eyes, asking me to make the pain stop. I patted her and spoke softly to her while she was examined. She was such a good girl.

After a quick look it was determined that further tests would have to be done once Moo had gotten some painkillers into her, that meant I was going to have to leave her with the vet. I asked some questions, said goodbye to my furry girl and left her there. It was really sad when she tried to follow me and got held back.

A few hours later I got the call that Moo had partially torn a ligament in her leg and would require surgery next week. Not the best news at all. Luckily we could bring her home until then, but will need to keep her still (which will be a challenge and a half!). Moo is now home and feeling very sorry for herself. It is so hard to watching her hobble around and be in pain.

Next week she will have her surgery and fingers crossed it all goes well and she will still have a lot of years of quality life. 

The hard part now will be keeping Moo still. Both Bio Mum and I have to work so it looks like I'll be trying to work from home, leave early, drop home at lunches and all that to make sure Moo is ok. We're going to have to confine her to the laundry, as recommended by the vet, and she isn't going to like it.

I think all this is just training for when Bub arrives. The decisions, the shuffling things around, making arrangements, I think they're all things you need to do as a parent. The realization that its not just about you anymore, that your life is bigger than just you. Our lives are bigger than just us, they involve Moo and each other.

I'll let you know how Moo is going!

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