Monday, December 3, 2012

Mummy Training

So for the last few weeks Moo the dog has taken it upon herself to 'train' me and Bio Mum in the art of broken sleep. Moo has now decided that she wants to be let out each night, but also wants you to wait until she is done and let her back in. Previously she has slept though the night.

Of course this is where I must admit that most nights I have slept through her scratching at the bedroom door and it has been Bio Mum having to get up for her. I wonder if that is how it will work once Bub hits the scene? Hmm somehow I doubt Bio Mum will be ok with that. I may end up with a few elbows to the ribs if Bub's crying doesn't wake me up.

I was a zombie at work yesterday (almost to the point of searching for brains to eat) because of Miss Moo-Moo waking me up the night before. I shudder to think what having a newborn will do to my already delicate sleepiness. I love sleep, I need sleep, I am a monster without sleep. Oh Bub please don't take away my sleep!

In my last blog I talked about going to see Dr D and getting the ball rolling on making Bub. The next step for us was to meet with a counsellor and donor coordinator, or Baby Daddy Coordinator (BDC) as Bio Mum termed her, at the fertility clinic we had chosen to go through. Now due to 'scheduling conflicts' we couldn't get in to see the counsellor or the BDC until 4 July, quite a while after our appointment with Dr D. 

It wasn't such a bad thing though, it gave us time to let the process sink in and get prepared for the next stage. It also gave us time to start the fun process of looking at potential sperm donors!
Now that is a very strange type of shopping that involved judging people we'd never met based on an internet profile (some times with or without photos). It's also kind of weird to even Google something like 'sperm donors' or 'sperm banks'. It's not something I had ever thought about before.

The whole process of looking through possible donors was interesting to say the least. We spent a lot of time  going over profile after profile until I think we had seen hundreds! We looked on European sites and American ones, sadly there are not as many possible donors here in Australia. We read about man after man until I sure we were never going to find the right guy. 

Finally, after advice from our BDC and shelling out a subscription fee to a few American sites (oh and that is something to remember, if you want to see all the information including pictures you are going to have to subscribe to the sperm bank websites) we narrowed down our search. We found a site we liked, which gave us all the details we wanted in order to make this decision. The site was and for a $200+ subscription fee we had an all access pass for a few months to see full medical histories (donor and family back to grandparents and including Aunts and Uncles), descriptions (physical and personality), baby/childhood photo, adult photo, sperm bank staff impressions, donors personal essay and a fair bit more. 

I think one of the hardest things was for Bio Mum and I to get on the same page about what it was we wanted in our donor. I mean we had a few key characteristics we agreed on, over 6 ft, younger, brown hair, green or blue eyes, athletic and intelligent, but we seemed to have trouble agreeing on one donor. It's like Bio Mum would find a guy she liked, but I would have an issue with him and vice versa.  

It took a while until we found a guy we both liked. Actually we originally dismissed him because he has an allergy to certain types of medications, but we kept coming back to him and realised that he was the one. He was our donor!

Our donor is a very good looking young man (who looks a bit like Channing Tatum, see pic below) who meets all our criteria. His personal essay was lovely and he came across as a genuine, nice guy who has a strong sense of family. He is athletic and very smart (Med student) and aside from his drug allergy no alarm bells in his family medical history. He is just what we were looking for. 

So that was done, one of the biggest decisions of our lives was made. Fingers crossed Channing Tatum look-a-like mixed with Bio Mum makes a cute, smart and awesome Bub! No matter what though, Bub is going to be loved so much by their Mummies that no man or woman will ever be good enough for them!

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