Thursday, September 26, 2013

22 Weeks, 4 Days

Friday 27 September 2013

Everything has been ticking along beautifully since my last post. Lil Dash gets more and more active every day. She is quite a wriggly little monkey! She especially loves to move around a lot when I am relaxing in bed or on the couch, actually these days as soon as I am stationary for more than about 5 minutes she starts wriggling. I wonder if she'll be as active once she's born! 

We've spent a fair amount of time over the last couple of weeks looking at day care centres. It seems kind of strange to be looking into day care when she isn't even born yet, but where we live the waiting lists are anywhere from 12-18 months so we have to get our names down early! 

Most of the ones we saw were great, with two major stand outs for us. There was one however that was just awful! The place was dirty and smelt and the staff seemed uninterested, in fact one of the staff appeared to be stoned (I really hope he wasn't). There was no structure or order and the kids were running rampant. We were looking in one of the rooms and the lady taking us on our tour had to leave us at least twice to chase kids back inside the centre as the staff supervising them hadn't noticed they were chasing birds outside. It was just terrible.

Next week I have to call some more places and get our names down on more waiting lists. Given the demand for day care I've been told we should be on at least 8 waiting lists, we are currently on 4 (including the awful place, which we wouldn't accept a spot at anyway).

The plan is I'll have 11 months off work with Lil Dash. Bio Mum will have the first month off with us and then the last month off when I return to work. That will give our little girl almost a year at home before she goes to child care. Plus it gives both of us some one on one time at home with Lil Dash.

Monday was Bio Mum's birthday so on Saturday we headed off for a picnic with some friends and Bio Mum's lovely sister, brother in law and nephews. It was such a beautiful day! The weather was perfect, the company was perfect and the food was great too! I did manage to get a little sunburnt, but not too badly as I kept moving so I was in the shade. Being in the sun for too long made me feel a tad sick. I don't cope with sun and heat as well as I did pre-pregnancy! It's a little scary that I'll be at my biggest right in the middle of summer!

Sunday Bio Mum and I  spent most of the day working on the nursery. We have started sanding the furniture so we can paint it, still a bit of work to go there! After that will be the sanding, cleaning and painting of the walls and trims. Then it will be the blinds going up and finally the furniture, decorations and stocking the room for our new arrival. 

Here are some shots of the nursery I took this morning, clearly it is a work in progress!

The above photo shows our baby's bassinet, which was used by Bio Mum as a baby and many family babies since then. I can't wait to put our little girl down to sleep in it! We are planning on adding wheels to the legs to make it more mobile around the house! 

I have to admit I wasn't such a big help to Bio Mum on Sunday, after a few hours I managed to fall asleep on the couch. I hope to be a bigger help to her this weekend coming. We have a long weekend (3 days off! Heaven!) and hope to get most of the nursery done.

Monday Bio Mum and I had the day off work in celebration of her birthday and spent a relaxing morning together at home (with me heading out for McDonalds for breakfast) and then I was out for the afternoon for my friend's mother's funeral. It was a very sad, but moving service and I was glad that I got to be there in support of my friend. She is living my worst nightmare. It certainly made me think about my own Mum a lot.

Monday night we had a quiet one and got a very special surprise from our little girl. While we were lying in bed I happened to notice a little movement in my tummy. We both watched intensely and then got to SEE Lil Dash kicking/moving! It was absolutely amazing. I so love our little girl.

Here is the 21 week bump photo (because I was slack and didn't post last week!)

 And here is our 22 week bump photo (not the best photo)

I am definitely noticing a difference in my belly as it gets bigger. I tried leaning forward to put on my shoes at work yesterday and had to lean sideways as the bump got in the way! Oh man I still have approximately 17 weeks to go! How much bigger am I going to get?!

Had a lovely date night with Bio Mum last night. We headed out to Nightfest at Floriade (big flower festival for people who aren't locals) which was just lovely. I got to play with my new camera and managed to get a few shots that weren't too bad. I'm very slowly getting the hang of it.

Just went out on my lunch break to have a look at some maternity jeans. Now I might be showing my nanna nature here, but who in their right mind wants to wear maternity skinny jeans! I mean really, are they serious?! I couldn't find one pair of jeans that were even remotely flattering or comfortable! It was really disappointing. I might duck out for a little shopping this weekend and see if I can find some jeans that are actually comfy and flattering.

We're off to see Dr B again next week so I'll be sure to post again then.

Ciao for now!

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