Thursday, October 3, 2013

23 Weeks, 4 Days

Friday 4 September 2013

Let's start with the good stuff, 23 Week Bump Photo!

We had an appointment with the lovely Dr B on Wednesday and all is going well. Lil Dash is still on the larger side, but Dr B was happy with her progress. He said she is head down and her heart beat is very strong. We got to hear her heart beating and it was just wonderful!

He gave me a referral for the glucose test so in a few weeks I'll be doing that. Dr B said as everything is going so well that should be the last test we'll need. We talked to him some more about the birth and epidurals and fun things like that. I really trust Dr B to get us through the birth with Dash and I both healthy and happy. I'm so glad we selected him as our OB.

The last week has been a very productive (albeit tiring) one! We had a long weekend here (lovely 3 days off!) so Bio Mum and I used that time to rip through the nursery and made some amazing progress! We (and by we I mean mostly Bio Mum as I am rather slow) were able to finish sanding the nursery and all the baby's furniture that we currently have, undercoat the room and most of the furniture and then paint the room (including doors and trims). It looks amazing! Here are some photos I took, it isn't the best as the room has now reverted to our dumping room for a short time.

We still need to finish undercoating the furniture, then do a couple of coats of the semi-gloss paint we've picked out, assemble and then arrange the furniture in Lil Dash's room. It's all coming together and is so exciting! It's amazing to think that in a few short months we'll be bringing her home to her very own room.

Oh I snapped this photo this morning of the loveable Moo and just had to share it

It's nice to know someone is getting some use out of that treadmill! I found her on the treadmill yesterday morning too, but she jumped off while I was searching for my camera!

This weekend is another long weekend for us so Bio Mum and I are off for a relaxing weekend away in the Southern Highlands. We've got accommodation at this gorgeous looking place and pampering organised for the spa! I can't wait! We leave in hour and a half and won't be home until Monday (after a trip to Ikea on our way home from our weekend of course). I'll be sure to take some photos and post about the weekend next week.

Dash has been very active today, mostly seeming to be head butting me in the bladder. Its so nice to feel her moving around in there (even at night when I'm trying to sleep!), she is a very wriggly little girl!

I'd better run now, got to go finish packing so we can get on the road and get our weekend started!

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