Thursday, October 24, 2013

26 Weeks, 4 Days

Friday 25 October 2013

Another week has past and we are getting closer to Lil Dash's arrival!

Here is the 26 Weeks bump photo:

Last weekend I went down to visit my Mum and Sister. We had planned to take Mum for an overnight trip to where she grew up. For a long time Mum has been wanting to go (even going so far as to go through a stage where she kept packing up all her stuff and trying to leave) so we thought it would be nice to take her and share that memory. It didn't quite go according to plan.

We headed off on Saturday morning to pick Mum up and were told he hadn't had the best morning and had been in a bad mood. We also found that some of her clothes were missing (it tends to happen in the care facilities apparently) so we did a dig around and managed to find some (we even found clothes and shoes in her room that weren't Mum's) and packed up to go.

The drive up was great, albeit long, and Mum was in great spirits when we arrived. Our first stop was my Nanna and Pop's old house. I haven't been back there since my Nanna's funeral about 15 years ago, but the place looked pretty much the same. It was lovely to see, it seemed so much smaller than when I was a kid (which isn't surprising). Mum seemed really happy to see the place. 

Next stop was Mum's old primary school, which has been beautiful maintained and expanded. We took some lovely photos of Mum in front of the school and she was still in great spirits. Then we had lunch with my Aunty and after took Mum to the apartment we had booked for the night. That is when everything kind of fell apart.

As soon as we walked in Mum freaked out and became hysterical. She was adamant that she couldn't stay there and wanted to leave. I have never seen her so distressed and upset. It was just heartbreaking. We spent some time trying to calm her down, but very quickly realised that there was no way we could make Mum stay there when she was so upset. We decided to head back and Mum quickly settled once she knew we were leaving.

On the way out of town we were even able to stop for fish and chips and to go eat them at 'Cannon Hill', which is a place we used to always go with my Pop. Mum was her usual cheeky self while we ate and then good in the car for the entire 3 hour drive back to her place.

Once we were there and out of the car it was a different story. Mum was very reluctant to go in and once we got her in there she had another melt down. Over the next hour or so she ranged between angry, aggressive, devastated and upset. We spent a long time calming her and finally were able to get her into bed. 

The next day we went to see her early and walked in to her sitting folded arms and glaring at us. Turns out she had another bad morning. She was again very upset and angry, which is just awful because you feel so helpless to make it better for her. Eventually we took her out for a while and that seemed to help, until we got back. We struggled to get her to eat lunch (she had a very small amount) and had more upset and anger towards the care staff. Finally we took her out to the garden and after a while we were able to get her laughing and happy like the morning hadn't even happened! I talked to her a lot about Lil Dash, which seemed to make her happy.

Then sadly I had to leave to go to the airport. It was really nice to leave her in a happy, good mood. The rest of the weekend with her was rather traumatic (for her and us) to say the least.

While I was away Bio Mum put in some amazing work and finished off the baby's furniture. It looks incredible! Here are some photos (which don't do the furniture justice):

How pretty is the canopy above the cot?! That was an Ikea purchase from our very successful trip a few weeks back.

There is still a bit of work to do and many things to acquire for the nursery/baby! We are getting there though and the more together the nursery gets, the more real it seems. Oh wow, in just over 13 weeks we will be holding our little girl. As exciting as that is, part of me is fighting the urge to hyperventilate with nerves!

I'm off to have my glucose challenge test tomorrow morning, so fingers crossed that goes well. Then OB appointment on Monday. Dr B is away so we are seeing Dr Anna instead. I'm sure she'll be lovely and I'll be sure to update the blog with info on that appointment next week.

Tonight we are going to see a Game of Thrones Burlesque show, which should be very interesting. I am really looking forward to it! The rest of the weekend is packed with yard work, shopping and washing. I can't wait for a quite weekend! I'd like to get a few of those in before Lil Dash is born.

It has been a draining and at times really tough week since my last post, but its hard to be upset when I'm sitting here with my little girl wriggling away in my belly! She is our miracle and through such a hard weekend with Mum, she is giving me so much comfort. I love you my little girl.

Until next time, thanks for reading!

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