Thursday, October 17, 2013

25 Weeks, 4 Days

Friday 18 October 2013

Hello all, welcome to the latest instalment of the Tales of Bio Mum and Incubator Mum!

Here is the 25 Weeks bump photo:

I actually saw a girl last night who is at 22 Weeks and man her bump was double the size of mine (not twins). I guess it just goes to show that all bumps are different and that comparing yourself to other pregnant ladies is really not a good idea. I had a few seconds of going 'oh shit is there something wrong with my baby and my bump?!' before I realised that I was being ridiculous. Lil Dash is developing just as she should and so is my bump!

Another good week has been had, although poor Bio Mum is still getting over her cold from last week. Over the weekend we were able to get all our Ikea furniture painted and moved into the bedroom. The tallboys and draws/bedside tables look great! We opted for a white-wash kind of effect and it was worth the effort as they really make the room! It is also lovely to have so much draw space.

We also spent some time finishing the undercoating of the baby's furniture and started the first coat of paint. I am a MUCH slower painter than Bio Mum, I get really obsessive with getting it perfect and take so long that is doesn't really work well for me. I'll admit that on Sunday while painting the bassinet I had a mini meltdown and was in a huff for the rest of the painting. I am a bit of a perfectionist some times! 

Bio Mum has also been doing some painting after work during the week, here is where the furniture for Lil Dash is looking now:

On Sunday we also went and picked up the draw/change table that Bio Mum's sister has kindly given us (see photo above, with draws removed). It is just lovely, but when I look at it all I can see is more sanding and painting! Good thing I'm away this weekend, maybe when I get home the sanding/painting fairy (read: Bio Mum) will have done all the hard yakka!

I'm off to Melbourne for the weekend to spend some time with my Mum and Sister, which will be great. We are going to take Mum back to where she grew up for an overnight trip. I haven't been back there since my Nanna's funeral when I was 12, so its been a while. I hope Mum will enjoy it and the trip won't be too stressful or overwhelming for her!

I have also been working on a photo book full of photos from the course of Mum's life (my sister and I feature heavily of course), which I hope to get my sister's input on this weekend so I can finish putting it together next week. I'd love to get it to Mum ASAP.

Mum is doing well, settled into her new place and the staff there are just amazing! They are dedicated and kind and really making an effort to give Mum not only wonderful care, but compassion and comfort too. I am so glad we moved her. On the cancer front, there are still no obvious symptoms and she is still not in any pain (she is also still totally unaware that she has cancer). I really can't wait to see my little (she's like 5 foot nothing) Mum and give her a big hug!

We've been very lucky this week to get some lovely hand-me-downs from friends. We scored some girl's clothes for when Dash is a bit older from Steph and an overwhelmingly kind amount of stuff from Colleen and Jason including a baby bath, jolly jumper, cute purple (I love purple) elephant, play pen, nappy bin, sterilizer and some other lovely bits and pieces. Here are some photos of our loot:

We are very, very lucky to have such great friends (and family, let's not forget Bio Mum's sister and brother in law who have been beyond generous).

I also had to buy Lil Dash a little suit. It was so cute and tiny and I just had to have it (despite my very vocal refusal to have a lot of pink):

I can't believe that our little girl is going to be tiny enough to fit into this (its a size 0000)! I can't wait to hold her, babies aren't as breakable as they look right?

Bio Mum went and checked out another day care and we have found childcare heaven! This places sounds absolutely amazing (I was stuck at work and couldn't get there) and I really hope we can get Lil Dash a place there for Jan 2015! Hell I'd rather go to this place than go to work.

We still should go and see a few more day care places, but I think this one was the clear winner.

Well that's all folks, I'll post again soon!

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