Thursday, June 27, 2013

9 Weeks, 4 Days

Friday 28 June 2013

Wednesday we had our first appointment with Dr B, our OB, and wow is he great! I really liked him and felt really at ease with him. He was great as putting my concerns to rest, I think he may have even eased some of Bio Mum's worries! Dr B has an easy going manner and a calmness that I think will work well for us.

He was great about answering our questions (and there were quite a few of them) and put my mind at ease about the majority of things that have been worrying me. He did an ultrasound and said everything looks good, which was great to hear. It was so amazing to see little Dash on the monitor again. Even in just a few weeks since our last scan they look more baby like.

One of the things I liked best about Dr B was that he made it very clear that his aim is for our baby to be born healthy (also for me to be healthy too) and that he is willing to go about that however we feel is best. He is open to natural births, drug-free or with drugs, or even an elective caesarean if that's what we want. I'm not sure yet. I think I want to wait, see how Little Dash goes before we make a decision on that one. I know a lot of women feel that they want the experience of a natural birth, I'm not sure I am one of those women. The only thing I know is that I want our little Bub to be born healthy and in the least stressful means possible. I honestly don't feel like I would be missing anything if we did decide to have an elective caesarean, but for now I want to wait and see. 

I had lunch with my friend T on Thursday and couldn't help myself, I had to tell her about Little Dash! I am struggling so much keeping to myself and I just had to tell her. She was so excited for us, which means so much. We are lucky to have such amazing friends and family to support us through this. I'll be telling another person this weekend, my Dad. He is going to be in town for some training and I've decided to tell him. I really wanted to tell him face to face and given that he lives on the other end of the country this is probably my only opportunity to do that. I am going to ask him to keep it to himself for now (I am happy for him to tell my step-mum though) so that I can tell our relatives when I'm ready.

I figure while he's here he may want to go out and have dinner and stuff, but given my morning/all day sickness and all around exhaustion that is probably not something I am up for so telling him will explain why I am lazing around on the couch and not really eating properly! I am excited and nervous to tell him. I know he'll be happy, but I am nervous telling people before the first trimester is over. It's all going to be ok though. I know it.

So it was blood test day again yesterday and all is looking good. In a few short weeks the Clinic will stop working with me, which is sad, but I am looking forward to not having my blood taken every week. I am so grateful to them for what they have done for us. Without them we wouldn't have Little Dash growing and thriving in my tummy and we wouldn't be experiencing this challenging, but also amazing time. I will forever be grateful to them and Dr D for helping us on our way to becoming parents.

Poor Bio Mum is still really sick with a nasty cold and is at home to hopefully get better today. I hope she is getting lots of sleep and drinking lots of fluids. Its always hard when the person you love is sick, especially when you aren't 100% yourself. Fingers crossed Bio Mum is on the mend soon and feeling loads better.

In other not so good news, we took Moo to the vet on Wednesday night as she has been scratching her ears a lot and found out that not only does she have infections in both ears, she also has a cancerous tumour on her side. Poor Baby! Moo will be having surgery on Tuesday to remove the tumour, which thankfully looks like it won't have spread. When the vet left the room after telling us I got all teary (lets blame the hormones!) and since Wednesday Moo has been sleeping in our room with us. I'll update with how the surgery goes.

So that's where we're at. 12 week scan and bloods are coming up in July and we are back to see Dr B in early August. Fingers, toes and everything crossed that all continues to go well and that Little Dash keeps thriving in there! Also eagerly anticipating feeling better soon and morning sickness going away. 

Happy Friday!

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