Monday, May 20, 2013

Day 11 Post Transfer

Today is Tuesday 21 May 2013 = Day 30 of my cycle and therefore pregnancy and day 11 post transfer. Wow that makes me almost a month pregnant! Tomorrow is one month, which is absolutely mind blowing! 

Today was another blood test day! I am starting to feel like a pin cushion between the acupuncture and the blood test, so many needles! It is all for an amazing cause though so I am willing to do it and enthusiastic for the many more jabs to come!

Over the weekend Bio Mum and I gave into the temptation to buy an at home pregnancy test and see what the results were. Saturday morning I headed off to our local shops to procure a pregnancy test. I was surprised at the judgemental looks I received as I knelt down to pick my test of choice. It's not like I'm in high school or was smoking/boozing it up or anything! Maybe they all assumed it was a one night stand gone wrong rather than over a year of planning, hoping, testing, extracting and preparing. Maybe they should have kept their judgemental looks to themselves.

Anyway, I bought my little test kit (see the pic below) and headed home to obsessively read the instructions.

Then Sunday morning it was test time! I woke up at 6.30am (way too early for a Sunday) desperate to go to the toilet so I woke up Bio Mum (figuring she wouldn't want to miss out) and then headed off to the toilet. I reread the instructions and got to it. Below is the test kit all spread out as we waited for the results.

Finally, after a wait that was more nervous than it probably should have been given we already had a positive blood test, the results were in and we are pregnant! Yay! It's a faint second line, but its there!

Oh and then because we are a little obsessive yesterday (Monday 20 May) I had to go and pee on another test. The results were a bit clearer and yeah we are still pregnant :-)

Sunday night I told my sister that we are 'up the duff' which was exciting. Its such amazing news that I really wanted to share with her. We got to talk about it in more detail last night and I think she just might be almost as excited as Bio Mum and I! She is going to have to learn how to knit now! I caught up with my friend Jess on Sunday and man was it hard to not tell her, but we are going to keep the number of people who know to an absolute minimum until we are out of the first trimester, I just don't want to have to deal with too many people knowing if something goes wrong.

Of course, nothing is going to go wrong. Bub is going to grow healthy and happy in my belly and then join Bio Mum, Moo and I in our loving and crazy family.

Acupuncture was yesterday, now that things are looking good Dr Alex only needs to see me once a week and he said that soon I might be able to stop taking my herbs. It was a wonderful announcement for me and I smiled so much my cheeks hurt. Those Chinese medicine herbs are all kinds of bad and I look forward to not having to force myself to drink them.

When I was in getting my blood taken this morning I talked to the nurse about what the next stages are for us in terms of how long does the clinic work with us and should we be finding an obstetrician? Basically she said that the clinic is involved pretty much up until the 12 week mark, which is nice. Its not like they knocked us up then kicked us to the curb, they are actually staying involved. The clinic will be doing blood tests a couple of times a week for now and then once a week until week 12. They'll also be managing the Crinone and all that.

Dr D will be the one to do our 7 week scan in a few weeks, which is awesome. Unfortunately she doesn't do the baby stuff (i.e. she is in it for the fertility/get you pregnant phase and then her involvement is done) so we'll have to start looking for an obstetrician sooner rather than later. Its a real shame because we really liked Dr D and would have loved to have her involved through the whole process.

Oh and the blood test results from this morning are in and everything is looking good! The progesterone has dropped a little to 122 (which is still really good, anything over 30 is good according to the nurse) and I have to keep going with the Crinone for now. The hero of the blood test results though was the hCG which has risen to 564, which is so awesome. The nurse was really happy with this. 

I get to go back in for another blood test on Thursday.

So far I am feeling pretty good, I am super tired though. I constantly feel like I want to go to sleep and when I do sleep it just doesn't feel like enough! Other than that there was a little cramping (mostly on the right side, which is where I think Bub has implanted) and some nausea (it was bad Sunday night and all I could do was lie still in bed and munch on dry biscuits, which helped). Oh and some heart burn, which hasn't been fun but is very manageable with those Mylanta chewable tablets. All in all I am feeling good. Bio Mum has been fantastic looking after me, I am very lucky to be going through this with her.

Oh yep there goes some more heart burn! Thanks hormones (progesterone mostly if Google is anything to go by)! 

Google is a great device for obsessive pregnant women like me. I have been Googling like a fiend these last couple of weeks (especially since the transfer)! I keep checking hormone levels and symptoms and what we can expect. I wonder how women managed pregnancy before Google? 

Now I bid you adieu and will write again soon!

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