Monday, May 6, 2013

Day 16

Tuesday 7 May 2013 - Day 16

Hello, here is a very brief update on where we are at.

I spoke to the clinic this morning and got an update on our three embryos. One has grown on and is doing well, one hasn't grown on yet but still might and one did not survive the night which is sad. Hopefully the second one grows on and the first continues to keep on growing. If not, then on Friday they will thaw one of the blastocysts we have frozen and transfer that.

I am finding it hard to stay calm and relaxed as we get closer to the transfer. So much is racing through me head. There is still so much excitement, but it is mingled with a lot of other emotions. I really want this to go well. 

I'm off to the acupuncturist this afternoon for another session and then there will only be one more before transfer. We are 3 days out now, time is flying scarily fast here and before we know it we'll be at the clinic for the transfer.

Deep breaths, calming breaths, ragged nervous breaths. 

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