Thursday, May 2, 2013

Day 12

Here are the updates!

Wednesday 1 May 2013 - Day 10

Day 10 meant another blood test so up I got at 5.50am (leaving a very tired Bio Mum to snatch a few more minutes of precious sleep) after a very sleepless night. Because I knew I had to be up early this morning to go for the blood test I kept waking up every half hour or so panicking that I'd slept in. Oh and at about 4am Bio Mum (who also couldn't sleep) was awake and on her laptop, it was a crappy night's sleep all around).

After dragging my sorry butt up I got showered and dressed and then led Moo out to the kitchen for her breakfast only to have her throw up on the floor...while she continued to walk forward and spread it out. Thanks Moo!

I may have mentioned this before, but I am not good with vomit (human or animal) so I instantly freaked out. I was tempted to go get Bio Mum, but figured that wouldn't go down so well. Instead I grabbed a shit load of paper towels and got to work. It was not fun, but as strange as it is I am proud of myself for sorting this out solo. Maybe I can handle more than I thought I could?

Then it was of to the clinic to give them some more of my blood. Following that it was off to work where I was busy, busy, busy until it was time to call the clinic for the blood test results. All is looking good, still a way to go yet. My oestrogen levels had practically doubled since Monday so we are heading in the right direction.

Friday 3 May 2013 - Day 12

Oh my gosh do I have big news! But let's start at the beginning.

This morning I headed off for another blood test and an internal ultrasound at our fertility clinic. Blood test went well...well as well as anything that involved jabbing me with a needle can go and then it was time to wait until my ultrasound. I got to read a fair bit of my kindle while waiting.

Then ultrasound time! Now the internal ultrasound is a great way of preparing you for people to be down in that region of your body. Dignity (not that I had a hell of a lot) is now gone and I feel like I'd be pretty comfortable flashing my bits to whoever needed to see them (medically speaking of course).

Ultrasound went well, the nurses were lovely and talked me through the whole thing as we went. Miss right ovary is currently the proud owner of a 19mm follicle and a few littlies that won't mature this cycle and Miss lefty is a bit behind the mark with only some littlies. Uterus lining is looking plump and healthy, which is great.

As I was putting my pants back on the nurses suggested I head over to the drug nurse and tell her to give me my trigger injection (to trigger ovulation) and pessary. Both of these things mean the transfer is nigh!

With a fast beating heart and excitement racing through me I got my drugs and headed home (headache today so not at work) to call Bio Mum with the news. She was pretty excited too!

Then this afternoon I called the clinic and found out that it is all systems go. We are T-minus 1 week until our frozen embryo transfer (FET)!! Oh my god, it feels like we have been planning this forever, but still this moment feels like it has suddenly crept up on me. 

Tonight Bio Mum will be stabbing me with the trigger injection at 8pm (I am kinda scared of needles and don't think I could stab myself) and then I should ovulate on Sunday (which the clinic is calling day zero). Tuesday will be another acupuncture appointment to get me all prepped, Wednesday will be calling the clinic to confirm the time for transfer on the Friday and then Thursday night it will be in with the progesterone pessary.

Thursday night or Friday morning its to the acupuncturist again and then Friday 10 May I will be having 1 blastocyst transferred into my uterus where it will hopefully stick and grow into a super cute and very healthy baby. I am also happy to report that Dr D, our amazing and wacky specialist OB&GYN will be the one doing the transfer.

Friday, after the transfer there will be another trip to the acupuncturist at 2.30pm.

It is all too exciting to actually put into words. I am actually shaking I am so excited. I just want to tell the world that this amazing thing is happening to my little family, but I'll behave and keep it to myself for now (well aside from this anonymous blog). 

I will update as this journey progresses, but for now I have to go for an excited run around the house with loud cheering and clapping...and maybe some fist pumping too!

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