Monday, May 6, 2013

Day 15

Monday 6 May 2013 - Day 15

Howdy everyone!

So today is day 15 in this cycle and we are now only 4 days away from transfer! How exciting and terrifying.

So here is what has happened over the last few days...

Friday night Bio Mum injected me with my trigger injection to stimulate ovulation. Now for those of you who have never seen this particular injection, it kind of looks like an epipen and is designed for easy self injecting. I am not so keen on needles so asked Bio Mum if she would stab me with said needle...she was more enthusiastic that I'd like, maybe the thought of stabbing me with sharp objects has already entered her mind and this was just her chance to act on it? Great now I'm going to have nightmares about a murderous Bio Mum.

Anyway, the actual trigger injection is pretty straight forward. It goes into your stomach and the needle is so thin it only hurts a little. Bio Mum swabbed my tummy with an alcohol wipe and then grabbed a hunk of skin and popped in the needle. The whole thing was over with in 10 seconds. There was a minimal amount of pain afterward, but it was hardly noticeable. The below picture is what the injection was like (my tummy should I say this...slightly flabbier than the one in the photo).

After the injection it was 36 hours until I ovulated so Sunday it was time. I'm now all ovulated we are just waiting until 5 days post ovulation for transfer.

I got a call from the fertility clinic today to tell me that they had thawed some embryos in preparation to grow them on to day 5 or blastocyst embryos. We had planned to thaw 3, but 4 had to be thawed as one of our little frosty babies did not survive the thaw. Now I know that they might just be embryos to some people, but to Bio Mum and I they are part of us (well not biologically me, but still the connection is there) and it is sad to think that one of them didn't survive.

Right now there are 3 little embryos growing, well dividing, in preparation to hopefully be the one that goes into my uterus on Friday. The others will be refrozen as Blasts.

The clinic told me I can call each day around 11am to check the progress of the embryos so I'll be calling them tomorrow! 

We are getting closer and closer and I am getting more excited and nervous. I'm just trying to stay calm and relaxed. I figure the more zen I can stay the better right? It certainly can't hurt at all.

Bub you are so close I can almost feel you in my belly. Soon my little darling.

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