Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Day 5 Post Transfer

Wednesday 15 May 2013 - Day 24 

5 days post 5 day blastocyst transfer (5dp5dt)

What an amazingly exciting/nerve-racking time Bio Mum and I have had lately! Since our FET on Friday I have been jumping around the emotions spectrum at alarming rates. I am trying to stay calm and positive, I'm thinking pregnant! I figure there is not harm in some good old positive thinking.

Actually to be perfectly honest, I am feeling this background sense of calm and contentment (hidden on and off by the excitement, nerves and doubts) that make me believe that I am pregnant and that Bub is right now holding tightly to my uterus wall and developing well. Bio Mum keeps asking me if I feel pregnant yet, and I'm not 100% sure because I've never actually been pregnant so I don't know how I should feel. However, I have this voice in my head and my heart that is softly telling me everything is ok and Bub is with me. It nice, usually the voices in my head are kinda mean and bitchy, so thanks voices!

Since the transfer on Friday I have been on Crinone, which is a vaginal gel that contains natural progesterone. The gel is administered via a little pump/syringe kinda thing and is used every night. Its about as fun to use as you'd imagine, but I will do anything in order to get pregnant, stay pregnant and have a healthy Bub in my arms.

Monday was blood test day so off I went in the morning to get some blood taken. After attempting to get blood from both arms the lovely young nurse went and got another nurse and she got blood first go (she was the nurse who is the only person to ever get blood from my right arm). I called in the afternoon and got the results. All the levels are good. Oestrogen was at 399 and progesterone was at 131.

Tuesday afternoon was another acupuncture session. Dr Alex (my acupuncturist) was really please with my levels and said that the fact I was tired was a good sign. Unlike my last two acupuncture sessions (on transfer day) I was able to relax and have a little nap while my needles were in. 

This morning it was blood test time again. I got the young nurse again and before I'd even sat down she said she would bother trying and went off to get another nurse. The nurse she got was thankfully the one I had last time, and true to form she got blood from my right arm first go (which makes her 3/3). 

I called the clinic this afternoon and now I am more nervous than ever. I still believe that I am pregnant, but I am so nervous I am actually shaking (plus its kinda cold today). 

Today the clinic tested the levels of progesterone and the human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG or the pregnancy hormone). Here are my results:

Progesterone - 135 (I get to continue the fun of using the Crinone for now) 
hCG - 22.2

Now the hCG level is alright, but the nurse told me the clinic wants that to have doubled by Friday (when I have my next blood test) in order to confirm the pregnancy. I am going to be a basket case on Friday while I wait for those results and I know Bio Mum will be just as on edge.

I am so hoping for the best here and am going to try my damnedest to stay positive and optimistic.

Bub, you are already so loved so hang on in there!

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