Wednesday, May 22, 2013

So Far So Good

Thursday 23 May 2013 - Here is where we stand at the moment:

 - 4 Weeks 3 Days Pregnant (or 32 Days)
 - 18 days post ovulation (18dpo)
 - 13 days post transfer of a 5 day embryo (13dp5dt)


I think Bio Mum and I am comforted by numbers and milestones. I am obsessively tracking our levels in both a spreadsheet and now on a calender I printed off just for that purpose (I was productive at work today!). I am doing daily Google searches on what the levels mean and what they could indicate. Numbers are a comfort, statistics are a comfort (well unless they are bad statistics then they are a cause for extreme worry). 

Today was another blood test day so off I went this morning to the clinic to give them more of my blood. I got the lovely young red head nurse again (I had her on Tuesday too) and she made the process really easy and pleasant (well as pleasant as being stuck with a needle can be). 

After that it was into work. Today was a colleagues birthday and last night she got engaged so that was a lovely thing to come into work to! So much happiness in the office. It put everyone into a good mood as we got to share in her happiness. Then I got to have lunch with a former colleague and good friend which was awesome. Although she did ask whether there was any movement on the baby front and I had to lie, we are not ready to be telling people yet!

At 2pm I called the clinic and got some great results and a very patient nurse who indulged me in my questions. The results for today were:

Progesterone - 131
hCG - 1,413!!

I was beyond happy with that hCG result and so was Bio Mum when I called to tell her after speaking to the clinic. The nurse said this was a great number and that everything is looking good for the continuation of a healthy pregnancy!! Yay!!

I also asked the nurse (named Sarah) about our 7 week scan, which she said we can get any time in the week starting 10 June! So there isn't too much longer to wait. I'll pick up a referral from the clinic when I'm next in there (Tuesday for another blood test) and then make a booking with the imaging place. I can't wait until the scan! I want so badly to see that little heart beating away. 

A little bit nervous for the next few days. My next cycle is due to start today/tomorrow (I average a 32 day cycle, but it has been known to be upwards of 38 days or as little as 25 days) and while the numbers are great there is a part of me that is not going to be at ease until a good bit of time has past and I still haven't seen Aunt Flow. 

I'm sure everything will be fine. Bub is growing away in there and soon we will get to see him/her on the 7week scan. I can't wait!

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