Monday, May 27, 2013

5 Weeks & 1 Day Pregnant

Tuesday 28 May 2013 - Day 37 - 23dpo - 18dp5dt

I have felt so nauseous that last two days it has been very trying. Both yesterday and today I felt so nauseous that I almost didn't go to work. It has been rough. Yesterday was worse than today, I felt sick all day and it made it hard to fall asleep last night. 

It's strange though, no matter how crappy I'm feeling there is also an element of comfort in feeling that nausea because it tells me there is a little baby in there developing and growing. 

I am feeling a little better this afternoon because I have found the wonder that is plain potato chips! Oh man did they make me feel better. It was my acupuncturist who suggested potato as a good food for nausea and then this morning when I went for my blood test the nurse suggested little bags of potato chips, total genius! For the first time all day I don't feel like my food is journeying up my throat.

I'm still very tired and getting heartburn on and off, other than that all is well.

Blood test day today (it was a challenge sitting in the waiting room while I felt so sick) and I got a lovely nurse (same one who did my internal ultrasound). Blood out and then I got my referral for our 7 week scan! So excited to see our little one in there!

I called the clinic this afternoon and got my blood test results. The levels are great,

Progesterone is at 135
hCG is at 11,076

The nurse was really happy with those numbers, so happy in fact they don't need to see me for another blood test until Tuesday next week! Although I am going to miss the comfort of getting those regular results showing everything is going well.

Next step is to find an obstetrician. We did some research and found some we liked the sound of so I'll be doing some ringing around and seeing who has a space available. Fingers crossed we find a lovely OB who has space for us.

The house cleaning and decluttering is under way! Bio Mum did a mammoth effort over the weekend and threw out an entire ute load of stuff. Next is prepping to paint the spare room so we can move the study out of what will become the baby's room! Then we paint the Baby's room.

So many big changes are happening, its amazing!

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